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The FCT Archives and History Bureau, was established on May 11th, 2005 in line with National Archives Decree of 1992. The main objective of establishing the bureau was to serve as a central location for effective archiving of public records that have been generated over the years, since the creation of the Federal Capital Territory in 1976.

The bureau is saddled with the responsibility of organising, conserving and preserving data necessary for planning, development and management of FCT, as well as safeguarding of a peoples historical knowledge in an easily accessible manner and, to make such data serve as a tool for proper planning and administration of the FCT.


To provide a world class Archives and documentation centre in the federal capital territory that will meet real time and on-line information and record needs for members of the public using world best practices


To collect, collate, conserve, preserve and manage all archived records of the Federal Capital Territory that are responsive to real time information needs of planners, city managers, research scholars, policy makers etc


The Bureau’s mandates were as follows;

  • Establish and sustain an easy-to-access computerizes records management system for non-current records of the FCT in line with Article 5 of the National Archives Decree (1992)
  • Maintenance of archives of all non-current records of FCT
  • Create and maintain a database of all information relevant to, and necessary for the effective development and governance of the FCT, (including demographic, economic, social and comparative data on other cities).
  • Use this records and data base to make well-informed, timely and regular inputs into the policy formation, decision making and policy implementation by the FCT.
  • Use these records and other historically sourced materials to reconstruct and document the history of FCT, and make these records and sources available for research and other forms of inquiries by academicians, the media, political class, researchers and the general public.