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Preservation & Conservation


  • Create environments that would stabilize and protect record from damages or deterioration in the repositories
  • Monitor the environment conditions where collections are stored.
  • Protect and preserve maps and documents through encapsulation.
  • Repair damaged materials using acceptable methods.
  • Mend paper, wash, clean and de-acidify where necessary.
  • Provide centralized photo reproduction & records preservation services for the FCT agencies and SDAs.
  • Scanning, photographing of originals to be preserved in folders or drawers.
  • Organizing and preserving collected films and other related items such as films reels, video tapes, DVDs and other forms of digitally transferred films.
  • Coordinating and ensuring that digital archives become a reality in the Bureau.
  • Initiate programmes in preventive preservation and restoration of documents.
  • Oversees activities at Repositories in the bureau and ensuring they are in good condition.